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Do you require SIM cards for phones, electronic cash registers, sensors or smart devices?
We have a solution. Buy a SIM card, connnect your device and you’re ready to go!
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Any number of SIM cards

Any number of SIM cards

You can order any number of Czech cellphone SIM cards. You are not limited with us, as you may be with a competitor.

Any number of SIM cards

Phones, sensors and smart devices

You can use the SIM cards to cell phones and all GSM modules requiring an internet connection.

Any number of SIM cards

Wholesale prices

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With the ZooControl company, we cooperate in IoT and connecting to Sigfox via the web for a significant time. We use their application. Thanks to automatic reports and outputs of the app, we can deliver our smart sensors to end customers in different areas, such as agriclture, medicine, water suppliying etc.

Zdeněk Dybal - Solidus Tech s.r.o. contact point of the company

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