About the ZOOCO project

ZOOCO was born in the Czech town of České Budějovice into sister companies TERMS and GOPAY Inc. Its older sibling projects are GoMobil, GoSMS and GoPay. ZOOCO, together with Beyond and Reago projects, belong to ZooControl, Inc. company.

The idea of simplifying people’s lifes with internet of things was born in the head of company founder, Jiří Malecha. It all started with a stolen bicycle. As the thief was running for it with the newly "acquired" bike, Jirka contemplated how could he have prevented that. He decided to take a stand and offer devices making life easier to all the other people.

The idea brought other brave warriors for a safer household. We work together to make sure the smart devices don’t cost an arm and a leg and ever a mere mortal with no technical skills could use them easily.

  • We seek and test devices with as many useful functions as possible.
  • We created a web, where anyone can buy a smart sensor.
  • We develop the app for a simple sensor management.
  • We write a blog that brings
    usage tips for IoT
    in your ordinary life.
  • Our customer care won’t leave you hanging. We’ll go through purchase, installations and even complaints with you.

ZOOCO faces

Jiří Malecha CEO

If they didn’t stole a bicycle from Jiří’s unproperly closed garage back in 2016, there’d be no ZOOCO today. But as it happened, he decided he needs to outwit all the thiefs and saboteurs of the world. In fact, we now thank the unknown thief for choosing Jirka, out of all people. Thanks to him, the smart sensor can head into YOUR household!

Join us!

Do you want to spread the fame of internet of things with us and make everyone’s life easier with smart devices? We would love to meet you and see if we find a common ground. We work in České Budějovice, but surely can work out something externally, too.

Job offerings

Company address

ZooControl s.r.o.
Planá 67, 370 01 Planá
IČ: 05766656

Onsite address

IGY Centrum, Pražská tř. 1247/24
370 04 České Budějovice

Otevřeno:8:00 - 16:00

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